You can also arrange for your house removal with Removal Company. If you also need furniture >storage in East London or storage in Chingford or Epping that is the company that will help you and provide the best service you need (and not only in those areas). If you removals company in Wembley check MGR Removals offer.

  • Southdown Driving has been a leading supplier of agency staff in the Southampton and Portsmouth area since 1999. At Southdown we pride ourselves in supplying high quality professional drivers to a wide range of businesses from transport and logistics firms to companies involved in manufacturing, waste management and supermarket distribution.

  • As every one of our clients have different requirements, so do our drivers have different skills and preferences. Southdown Driving consultants have many years experience in transport and recruitment and are adept at matching the right person to the right job – thereby keeping both our driver and our client happy.

  • We are able to supply drivers to cover sickness at short notice for a day or two. We can also supply drivers to cover holidays for a week or longer if required. Seasonal bookings to cover peak periods can be arranged on a contract basis for a month or longer as your workload demands. We are also experienced in recruiting full-time driving staff for many companies who prefer to outsource their driver recruitment rather than to have the cost and aggravation of advertising and interviewing for staff themselves.

  • Whether you are looking for work or looking for drivers; you can be certain that Southdown has the skill and experience to satisfy your requirements.